A Unique Collection of Immersive Storytelling Experiences

Culture On Demand is a creation of artist Eric Cade Schoenborn.

Inspired by the oral storytelling tradition, these experiences are influenced by the backroads, backwoods, backrooms, back-alleys and backyards of the world. My process normally begins by leaving the studio with a camera, mic and laptop and venturing into the serendipitous wilds, purposefully veering from the common sense of guidebooks, beaten paths and mainstream destinations. The media, inspirations and stories I collect during these adventures are blended to joyfully remix the physical environment and create shared experiences which ignite wanderlust and provide a sense of adventure for those who leisurely wander through the story worlds of I create.

explore, collect media everywhere
Each project is a result of media, ideas and development in HTML5 and javascript, often using WebGL, THREE.js. WebRTC and countless other adnvanced browser technologies and libraries. As a result these storytelling toys are sometimes made to power installations and may not always work great on your phone, or may load slow as heck if you have an older machine.

Some video documentation of Culture On Demand experiences in the wild <3

VR Chainsaw Art Blender, Unity, C#, HTC Vive
December 2, 2019
Blacksburg, VA

VR environment created to provide a joyful experience in the VR medium to further my exploration into Augmented Americana. WATCH >

AR Storyblocks JavaScript / WebGL / HTML5 / Video / WebRTC / AR Markers
December 4, 2019
Brown's Farm, Blacksburg, VA

Augmented Reality installation in an abandoned farm designed to transform the ruins of this space into a life size popup book and inspire participants to explore off the beaten path. WATCH >

Passel: The 12 Opossums – AR Excavation JavaScript / WebGL / HTML5 / Video / WebRTC / AR Markers
November 4, 2020
Jefferson National Forest, VA

Augmented Reality sketch excavating the installations of a series of projects created from found materials in Jefferson National Forest. WATCH >

Poor Man's National Geographic: Wild Beast JavaScript / WebGL / HTML5 / WebRTC / Projection Mapping
September 9, 2016
Parse Seco. Taos, New Mexico

Augmented Storytelling Experience developed from field audio and footage gathered during a cross-country road trip through America's backroads. WATCH >

Philly Radness JavaScript / WebGL / HTML5 / WebRTC / Projection Mapping
Drexel University

Sound and motion reactive projection mapped environment built in WebGL for Leonard Pearlstein Gallery in Philadelphia. WATCH >

iiiPoints Augmented Mural JavaScript, WebGL, HTML5, Video, WebRTC, Projection Mapping
100’ x 28’
May 1-2, 2019
Miami, FL

Sound-reactive mural in collaboration with Miami artist Brian Butler for iiiPoints Music Festival. WATCH >

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